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For more than 25 years, I have been helping adults, teens, and couples - both married and unmarried - with a wide range of challenges and concerns.  

picture of psychologist Jonathan Sobin, Psy.D.

By Phone:

Call (813) 444-9163 and leave a confidential message with your contact information. I will return your call personally, usually on the same day.

By Email:

Use the convenient contact form below.  We can schedule through email or include your contact and I will call you back promptly.

Contact me directly via the below email link.  We can schedule there or ask me to call you.  I will call personally, nearly always on the same day.

About me:

I received my doctorate in 1992.  I have been licensed as a psychologist since 1993. My undergraduate degree is from Harvard University. My APA Internship was completed at UMass Medical Center, and my Psy.D. is from the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at William James College in Boston, Massachusetts.  I have been listed in the National Register of Health Service Psychologists since 1993. My first job out of graduate school was ...  (continued)

Contact me today to get started

(813) 444-9163

 I will call you back personally, usually

 on the same day.

Getting started in counseling:  Most patients arrive in my office and hit the ground running. They are struggling with an issue, a relationship, or a historical event or events, and they know exactly what they want to talk about. Other patients, though, may be a little more hesitant, not certain where to begin, or even unsure who (myself or the patient) should lead the way. Of course, my primary goal at the outset is to make sure you are comfortable. So if you seem indecisive about where to begin, I might ask you some background questions about where you work, or how you grew up, or your family situation. Maybe even something about the weather.  But I will be listening for an indication

of a thread you might be inclined to follow.


The point here is that I

don't have... (continued)

This is the day I was interviewed by USA Today

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  • Expert assistance for adults and adolescents coping with anxiety disorders (ocd and panic), depression, relationship concerns and strategies, work and school troubles, loneliness, grief and loss, trauma, problem financial behaviors and social adjustments, angry outbursts, and more. 

  • Emphasis on patient privacy and confidentiality -- all steps in the process, including callbacks and scheduling, are handled by myself, personally and directly -- no other person will contact you, ever.

  • Appointments available at convenient times, 5 days per week.  

About individual therapy:

Talk therapy is a unique kind of intervention. For some people with some kinds of issues it makes a huge difference in their lives. Other people get more out of exercise, a self-help book, a visit to their primary care doctor, or a great weekend with a loved one. But for some of the people, some of the time, talk therapy is a great source of relief, of new ways of thinking about the life they have experienced, or of ideas for how to move forward. Some people find they just need someone to listen; they feel substantial, stronger, more connected. Others... (continued)

For adolescents:

I have a lot of respect for the adolescents who come to talk with me. Some are here because they want to have some conversations about their situation – relationships, peer stuff, dealing with parents, college pressures, mood issues that just won’t go away. Others are here because their parents have dragged them in. They struggle not only with the challenge of getting to know a stranger for relatively undefined reasons, but also with the predicament that this is something their parents are insisting they do. Adolescence is a time for... (continued)

For marital, pre-marital, and couples counseling, please visit my dedicated website: 

Before and after counseling - metaphor




I know even contemplating coming to counseling can make people really uncomfortable. After all, the inner workings of your life are deeply personal and private, and if things aren't going the way they should be, just thinking about talking to a complete stranger about your struggles feels exposing and even embarrassing.


I want to assure you that we can do this in a comfortable and productive way. Our conversations are completely confidential of course -- I run my own practice myself, so except in extraordinary, legally mandated circumstances no one will have any kind of access to a single detail of what we talk about. Also, realize that I have been conducting therapy for 23 years, so I have heard pretty much everything from my clients. Things that seem awkward or make you feel queasy are things I have discussed many times before. They are familiar to me.  


So we can talk about whatever we need to talk about. Communication is always at the forefront. And as we discuss your concerns, we can deepen our understanding of the problem, find solutions or compromises, and develop action plans to establish and sustain new and better ways of doing things. 


You will find me to be a personable and active therapist. I don't just sit and stare. I will give my opinions, when I have opinions. I will direct your behaviors or give homework as opportunities present themselves. I will care about you.


You can give me a call to discuss this. Only I will hear the voicemail you leave, and only I will return your call. I look forward to speaking with you.

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